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Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find answers to the following Frequently Asked Questions:


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What are the main new features of QSetup ver 12.X?

  • Support for Windows 10 32-bit.
  • Support for Windows 10 64-bit.
  • Support for .NET 4.5.2.
  • New execute command: "Set Restore Point".

What are the main new features of QSetup ver 11.X?

  • Support for Windows 8 32-bit & 64-bit.
  • Support for XML files.
  • Support for .NET Assemblies (C# & VB.NET).
  • GAC support for .NET 4.0.
  • Shortcuts can be defined as "Start As Administrator".

What are the main new features of QSetup ver 10.X?

  • 64-bit support.
  • Support for Windows 7.
  • Composer & Help files translated to German.
  • Online help for the "Execute Engine".

What are the main new features of QSetup ver 9.X?

  • MSI (Windows Installer) Support.
  • Composer language support.
  • Composer & Help files translated to French.
  • Support for .NET Framework version 3.5.

What are the main new features of QSetup ver 8.X?

  • Support for Vista.
  • Custom Dialogs.
  • Handling of "Merge Modules".
  • Install .NET Framework during setup.
  • Create a SelfExtract setup of upto 4GB (Windows limit).
  • No size limit on SpanCDs & "Split Setup" installations.

What are the main new features of QSetup ver 7.X?

  • The most comprehensive language support - All text can now be fully localized.
  • You can now create a true multi-lingual setup with several license & readme files
  • Set Expiration date for your SETUP Delivery.
  • Span CDs - Split very large setups into several files for inclusion on CDs.
  • Translate Path Alias - Easily adjust your source files location when developing in a networked environment.
  • Download file from the Internet at setup time (Using HTTP Protocol).
  • Several options to handle previous installation at setup start.
  • Enhance Auto-Update with a simpler mechanism of Auto-Inform (PRO version only).
  • Address XP SP2 security with "Sign Code" Dialog (PRO version only).

What are the main new features of QSetup ver 6.0?

  • The Composer will use XP Themes on XP Machines.
  • Better handling of Silent & Hidden Setup & UnInstall.
  • Enable printing of help files.
  • Find Text in help files.
  • The "Execution Engine" now support variables.
  • Up to 6 commands for an execution item.
  • Compile Auto-Update from the Command-Line.

What are the main new features of QSetup ver 5.0?

  • Create smaller setup package - size of a typical project will be reduced by about 200KB.
  • Select from several "Blue" background designs.
  • "Link files item" & "Find & Replace" for easier Version control of ever changing setup projects.
  • Fully Compatible with Windows 2003.
  • Multi user access list support - "Allow Full Access to All Users" - when installing on an NTFS drive.
  • Innovative "Autorun Test" when creating CD-Setup.
  • Associate Shortcuts with different OS versions.
  • PASV mode added to our FTP client for the benefit of users who sit behind a firewall.
  • 5 new Conditions on the "Execute" page.
  • 10 new Operations on the "Execute" page.

What are the main new features of QSetup ver 4.0?

  • "Modern" Setup-Dialog style.
  • Add Music to the setup.
  • Create Serial Numbers based on User-Name and/or Company-Name.
  • Create "CD-Setup".
  • Dynamic check for dependencies.
  • Import *.Reg Files.
  • Perform Execute Operations in a While Loop.
  • 11 new Conditions on the "Execute" page.
  • 17 new Operations on the "Execute" page.

What makes QSetup different from other products on the market?

  • QSetup has the ability to create installations of software that will Auto Update automatically from the Internet.
  • Using QSetup you can provide every one of your customers with a unique Serial Number based on his/her User-Name and/or Company-Name.
  • Using QSetup you can tailor the Setup process using our easy to use "Execution Engine" rather then use complicated Scripting language in other installer programs.
  • Our users praise QSetup as being very flexible, extremely stable and produces highly professional setup delivery.

I am not a software programmer, can I use QSetup?

YES! - we have made this software setup program so simple that anyone can use it and get the benefit of a powerful software installer and ease of use. You can package power point presentations, multimedia files, internal company materials, etc.


Why should I choose QSetup?

QSetup is easy, and very powerful Windows Software Installer. It provides simple intuitive user interface with highly optimized set of features. Whether you are a sophisticated programmer or you just need simple packaging services you will love QSetup user interface, and the professional setup delivery it will produce.


What are the differences between the DEMO, LITE, STUDIO and PRO version?

The following table list all the differences between the four versions:

 Basic setup capabilities  +  +  +  +
 64-bit support  +  +  +  +
 Language Support  +  -  +  +
 Company URL  -  -  +  +
 Allow Full Access to All Users (NTFS Drive)  +  -  +  +
 Execute Engine  +  -  +  +
 MSI Support  +  -  -  +
 Auto Update  +  -  -  +
 Auto Inform  +  -  -  +
 Custom Dialogs  +  -  -  +
 Sign Code  +  -  -  +
 Handle Merge Modules  +  -  -  +
 Priority Support Package  -  -  +  +
 Price for a single user license (USD)    149  299  449

  • Any setup produced with the DEMO version will expire 5 days after compilation.

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    How is QSetup licensed and priced?

    QSetup is licensed on a single license per developer/per machine basis. This includes an unlimited application distribution license, allowing you to deploy any number of applications per developer.

    • A single LITE license is priced at 149 USD per developer seat.
    • A single STUDIO license is priced at 299 USD per developer seat.
    • A single PRO license is priced at 449 USD per developer seat.
    • A single PRO-SITE license is priced at 1499 USD per site.
      Site license allows your company to use the SW on multiple machines in the same campus.

    Is QSetup free or subject to payment?

    QSetup is NOT FREE!
    QSetup is a Shareware program. You can use the DEMO version for evaluation purposes with no time limitation. However when you decide to distribute software or any other material using QSetup, you must purchase a license.
    For more information about registering qsetup Click Here.


    What is the "Execute Engine"?

    QSetup features an innovative concept - the "Execute Engine". This engine will let you define special operations to be performed during the various stages of the Setup and Uninstall process - using simple selections from dropdown list rather then script programming in other Windows installation software.

    The operations can be UnConditional, Conditional or in a Loop. You can specify up to 3 conditions for every operation using the following boolean operators between the conditions: AND, OR, XOR, NOT.

    To see a snapshot of the "Define Execution Item" dialog Click Here


    What is a "CD-Setup"?

    "CD-Setup" is usefull if you plan to create a setup that include some tens or more of MB of data and you plan to distribute this setup on a CD. Typically using CD-Setup you will create a small Self-Extract executable that will copy all the rest of the files directly from the CD to the destination directory. Thus saving time and resources during installation.


    What is a "Split-Setup"?

    The idea behind "Split-Setup" is as follows:
    Your setup will include 2 files. a small SETUP.EXE file and a large DATA file.
    You will upload the large DATA file to the Internet, and distribute to your users only the small SETUP.EXE file.
    When your user will run the small SETUP.EXE file, this file will connect to the Internet and download the large DATA file to his/her hard disk. Once the download is complete, the setup process will proceed just like a normal setup sequence.


    Can I add custom DLLs to my setup?

    YES! - QSetup will except 2 type of custom DLLs.
    • Serial Number DLL - a DLL that will be used to verify Serial Number during installation.
    • A general purpose DLL - a DLL that will be used to perform all sorts of operations during Setup and/or UnInstall.
    Detailed description of the DLL's interface is included in our help files.


    My setup sometimes prompt the user to restart even though I did not check this option?

    If your setup attempts to replace running executable files (*.EXE, *.DLL, *.OCX etc...) on the target machine during setup, then the setup process must be concluded by restarting the computer. If your setup installs MS DLLs in the System directory, Then the chance for a restart prompt is very high. A restart is almost always required if you provide a program that was developed in Visual Basic.


    What is "Dependency Check"?

    "Dependency Check" is mostly required for programs compiled with "Visual Basic". When you deliver your program to a customer you must make sure you also deliver all the DLL and OCX files that your program depends on. The "Dependency Check" process will help you find out what DLLs and OCXs are required, so that you can add them to the setup delivery, and install them on the target machine. To learn more about the theory of the subject goto:


    What is the QSP File?

    When you create a setup using the "QSetup Composer", you actually enter many items of data in the various pages of the composer. From time to time you click the Save button to save this information in a file. This file is the QSP file. This file is located in the project directory, its name is the name of the project, and its extension is .QSP. When you request technical help from us it is always a good idea to send this file to us. The size of this file is typically several Kilo Bytes.


    What is the SETUP File?

    The SETUP File (sometimes refered to as the MEDIA file) is the file which is produced by the composer when you click the Compile button. This file is located in the project directory, its name is the "Media File Name" as defined on the "Project" page, and its extention is .EXE. The size of this file may start at several hundreds of Kilo Bytes and end at hundreds of Mega Bytes - depends on the total size of the files you include in your setup project.


    What does the message "ERROR Bad CRC!" means?

    CRC stands for "Cyclic Redundancy Check". After compilation the Composer is calculating a CRC value. When your user runs the setup program, the self-extract kernel recalculates this value. Both values MUST match. If they don't it means that the setup file was modified and can not be run on the target PC.

    Possible reasons for this damage can be:

    • The file was not downloaded properly.
    • The CD that carries the file was damaged.
    • A virus has attempted to modify the file.
    The best way to deal with this problem is to resend the file to you customer, and if possible send it in a different way (EMail, CD, etc...).


    How to create a new language file?

    The language support is based on text files in the form of an INI file. You can easily create your own language file, or modify an existing one using a text editor like notepad. The recommended way is to copy the English.lng file into a new file with a name like French.lng or Italian.lng and then edit the new file. Detailed instructions can be found in the file Instructions.txt located in the LANG directory.


    I have problems downloading "auto update" and "split setup" files from an IIS webserver

    AutoUpdate involves downloading of *.info & *.update files.
    SplitSetup involves downloading of *.split files.
    To allow downloading of those files from the IIS webserver you must define appropriate MIME-Types for the files.

    For detailed instructions Click Here


    What are the MIME Types of the "auto update" and "split setup" files?

    The following MIME-Types should be used to define the "auto update" and "split setup" files:

     Extension Type Subtype
     *.update application octet-stream
     *.split application octet-stream
     *.info text plain


    What does the message "Bad Secret Token!" means?

    The "Secret Token" is a means for added security when downloading Auto-Update of Split-Setup file. The "Secret Token" is encrypted and embedded in both the "Original Setup" and the "Update Setup" (or the KERNEL file and the SPLIT file). Actual downloading of the "Update Setup" or "SPLIT File" will only take place if the "Secret Token" of both files match.
    The error message "Bad Secret Token!" means that they don't match.

    Possible reasons for this error message can be:

    • You entered 2 different Secret Tokens when compiling the Auto-Update" file.
    • The file was not downloaded properly.

    Does QSetup sopport MSI Technology?

    YES. Since version 10, QSetup delivers a new software installation tool with MSI Editor. The QSteup MSI Editor is similar to our traditional EXE-only versions, thus you can easily compile MSI setup files from your existing setup projects, and decide at anytime whether to generate an EXE or MSI installation.

    Beside on QSetup MSI Editor, we also develop the SuperOrca MSI Database Editor that let you discover the depth of MSI Database.


    What about support and maintenance?

    Support will be given by Email to ALL users of the program.
    Please send your Email to
    Please include in your Email the following information:
    • Name.
    • Email.
    • Company name (If applicable).
    • Country.
    • Operating System.
    • If you are a registered user, please add your registration code.
    • QSetup program version.
    • Copy of the relevant QSP file.
    • Detailed description of the problem.
    Users of the PRO (Single or Multiple license) and STUDIO versions are entitled to Priority Support Package.
    The Priority Support Package includes the following:
    • 1 business day email response.
    • User application support.

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