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Version History

Version History

   Version - 04-MAR-2017

  • New Signcode license adjusted to 2017.

   Version - 19-NOV-2016

  • BUG Fixed - Allow setting of target directory in qstp.exe.

   Version - 11-FEB-2016

  • BUG Fixed in MSI implementation.

   Version - 22-DEC-2015

  • Support for .NET Framework 4.6.
  • Support for .NET Framework 4.6.1.

   Version - 25-AUG-2015

  • Better adjustment of the Composer to low resolution screen.

   Version - 22-JUL-2015

  • Support for Windows 10 32-bit.
  • Support for Windows 10 64-bit.
  • Support for .NET Framework 4.5.2.
  • New execute command: "Set Restore Point".

   Version - 23-APR-2015

  • BUG Fixed - GP Error when closing the Composer.

   Version - 27-FEB-2015

  • Updated signcode certificate.

   Version - 03-SEP-2014

  • BUG Fixed - When checking for Windows 8.1 on German Windows.
  • Speedup "Registering Components..." in HiddenSetup mode.
  • BUG Fixed - Error when parsing comments in XML file.
  • BUG Fixed - Adding directory after short file name.

   Version - 02-APR-2014

  • Collect PIDs using TASKLIST.exe when running on Win8 and up.

   Version - 07-MAR-2014

  • Support for Windows 8.1 in MSI

   Version - 01-DEC-2013

  • Support for .NET Framework 4.5 & 4.5.1.

   Version - 11-NOV-2013

  • BUG Fixed - "File Version Is" on the execute page.

   Version - 02-NOV-2013

  • BUG Fixed - Reading of Version.dll.
  • QSetup will now identify properly a running 64bit process.

   Version - 26-AUG-2013

  • Support for Windows 8.1 32-bit.
  • Support for Windows 8.1 64-bit.
  • Support for Windows 2012R2 Server 64-bit.

   Version - 25-FEB-2013

  • Add support for Win2012 Server 64-bit.
  • Bug fixed with - "Invalid File Handle" when compiling a setup file.
  • XML Bug fixed - XmlDoc.GetAttributes.
  • XML Bug fixed - Remove UTF8 BOM from XML file.

   Version - 13-JUN-2012

  • Transfer /SILENT & /HIDE from Setup to Uninstall when unisntalling before setup.

   Version - 10-JAN-2012

  • Support for Windows 8.0 32-bit.
  • Support for Windows 8.0 64-bit.
  • XML Support.
  • Support for C# Assemblies in the Execute Engine & Serial Check.
  • Support for VB.NET Assemblies in the Execute Engine & Serial Check.
  • GAC support for .NET 4.0.
  • Shortcuts can be defined as "Start As Administrator".
  • Direct access to the PDF user-manual from the composer screen.
  • New Composer command line parameters: /EXE & /MSI & /PATH_1..3.
  • Select shortcut icon for "Check for New Update".
  • Add "Auto Sign Code" option to the Composer.
  • Add "/sign" parameter to the Composer command line.

    Condition added to the "Execute Engine":
  • "Visual C++ Redistributable Found".

    Commands added to the "Execute Engine":
  • "Set Directory Attributes".
  • "Write XML Value".
  • "Delete XML Value".
  • "Read XML Value".
  • "Create XML Node".
  • "Delete XML Node".

   Version - 27-NOV-2010

  • Abort button added to the <RunTimeDir> dialog.
  • Custom Dialog names are now sorted in the Execute Engine list.
  • Bug fixed with - Allow AllUsers in Vista & Win7.

   Version - 27-SEP-2010

  • Bug fixed with - "Request elevation" and MSI.
  • Add: 'Disable desktop composition', 'Disable visual themes', 'Run as administrator' to "Set Compatibility Mode" execute command.
  • Bug fixed with - Allow AllUsers in Vista & Win7.
  • Bug fixed with - Display of "INI files" page items.
  • Bug fixed with - "UnInstall Application" Execute command.

   Version - 02-JUL-2010

  • Improved setup behaviour under Vista & Win7.
  • Produce a setup that will not request Elevation under Vista & Win7 option.
  • New execute item: "Run DLL".
  • Add "Quiet Install" & "Quiet Uninstall" to the "Run MSI File" Exec command.
  • Add the option to set direct cmd params to the "Run MSI File" Exec command.
  • Check if "All Project Items Are Filled" when compiling MSI project.
  • CheckAll/UnCheckAll added to Dependency Check dialog.
  • Dependency Check dialog is now resizeable.

   Version - 06-MAY-2010

  • Add support for .NET Framework 4.0.
  • New Execute Command: "Set Service Startup Mode".
  • Display ProgressBar during MediaFile copy.
  • BUF Fixed --- with ordering of Linked Directories on the "Files" page.
  • Improve Execute Command: "Replace Text in File CR+TAB".

   Version - 03-APR-2010

  • Add support for Win2008 32-bit & 64-bit.
  • Add 64-bit support to RunTimeDir.

   Version - 17-MAR-2010

  • BUG Fixed - when browsing for folder on a 64-bit OS.
  • [?] Help Panels implemented as Tooltips.
  • Install CAPICOM DLL menu in the SignCode Dialog.

   Version - 16-JAN-2010

  • New Sign Code dialog - using Capicom.
  • Add more info to the UnInstall registry branch (Version, InstallDir, InstallDate etc.)
  • Improved "German" translation for the Composer.
  • "MSI Codes" dialog.
  • BUG Fixed - with "Hide QSetup water mark".

   Version - 06-DEC-2009

  • Improved manifest for Vista & Win7.
  • New execute item: "Set Compatibility Mode".

   Version - 13-NOV-2009

  • Improve compatibility with Win7.

   Version - 18-OCT-2009

  • BUG-Fixed - with Execlude from operating systems on the "Files" page.
  • New execute item: "Extract From FilePath".
  • New execute item: "Visual C++ Redistributable Found".
  • Better handling of forms when clicking the Alt Key on Vista.

   Version - 10-AUG-2009

  • BUG-Fixed - When uninstalling assembly from the GAC.
  • Updated French language support.
  • Added German language support.
  • New execute item: "Set Service Description".
  • Add "Use Previous Installtion Directory" to Switches page.

   Version - 27-JUN-2009

  • Support for Win7-32 bit.
  • Support for XP-64 bit.
  • Support for Vista-64 bit.
  • Support for Win7-64 bit.
  • Online help for the execute engine.
  • Import/Export "Execute Item".
  • Custom Dialogs - new option for Label - "WordWrap".
  • Custom Dialogs - new option for Label - "MinimizePath".
  • German support for the composer.

    Conditions added to the "Execute Engine":
  • "Running on 64 Bit OS".
  • "64 Bit State is ON".
  • "File Attribute is in".
  • "File is Locked".
  • "Variable Length is".

    Commands added to the "Execute Engine":
  • "Set 64 Bit State".
  • "Set 32 Bit State".
  • "Restore Original Setup State".
  • "Replace Text In File CRLF+TAB".

    New Aliase:
  • <SelectedLanguage>

   Version - 25-SEP-2008

  • BUG-Fixed - Fix the Site issue in "Create IIS Virtual Directory" Execute command.
  • Add GAC Support to the "Execute Engine".
  • Enable specifying specail port in the FTP-Upload dialog.
  • Improve structure of "Linked" NonSFX target directry.
  • Higher immunity to McAfee AV.
  • Allow range of values in predefined serial numbers.

   Version - 06-AUG-2008

  • "Allow Full Access" CheckBox Disabled only in LITE version.
  • Higher immunity to AV scanners.

   Version - 27-JUN-2008

  • Make sure /Hide & /Silent works also with split setup.
  • Display Error Message when there is not enough disk space during EXE compile..
  • MSI file can now be larger then 2GB.
  • Proper handling of file names with (') in MSI mode
  • Better "Upgrade" and "Patch" handling in MSI mode.

   Version - 02-MAY-2008

  • New Clipart added for the Modern setup dialog.
  • New Rectangle shapes for the setup dialog background.
  • Add Known extensions to Auto-Update files (for IIS Server).

  • Conditions added to the "Execute Engine":
  • "IIS Version Is".
  • "MS JET 3.5 Version Is".
  • "MS JET 4.0 Version Is".

  • Commands improved in the "Execute Engine":
  • Add "/codebase" to "Register .NET Assembly".

   Version - 01-FEB-2008

  • MSI Support.
  • Composer language support.
  • Composer & Help files translated to French.
  • Support for .NET Framework version 3.5.
  • Hide QSetup water mark on the setup & uninstall dialogs.
  • Better handling of the Setup dialog [< Back] button when using complicated custom dialogs.

  • Conditions added to the "Execute Engine":
  • "Variable is Empty".
  • "Control Text is Empty".
  • "SQL Express Version is".

  • Commands improved in the "Execute Engine":
  • Mark files for delete during UnInstall
  • Mark directories for delete during UnInstall

  • New Aliases:
  • <UserLocalAppDataDir>

   Version - 07-OCT-2007

  • BUG Fixed - with installing of MergeMod.dll.
  • Add "Display in Hidden Mode" parameter to the "Display Message" command.
  • Improve handling of Tokenized Serial Numbers with respect to lowcase.

   Version - 27-SEP-2007

  • New "Execute Command" "Set Setup Exit Code".
  • New "Execute Condition" "Printer Installed".
  • New "Execute Condition" "Service is Installed".
  • New stages added to the "Execute Engine": "Before Complete", "After Complete" & "After Reg Components".
  • "Set Parameters" in the "Merge Modules" page.
  • BUG Fixed - When checking for admin rights on NT4.

   Version - 26-MAY-2007

  • Add "Language Support" to "Custom Dialogs".
  • Add "BidiEnabled" to "Custom Dialogs" contrlos.
  • BUG Fixed - When updating variable value in the "Execute Engine".

   Version - 12-MAY-2007

  • BUG Fixed - When dispalying the "Custom Dialogs" help.
  • TYPO - "Set Control Proerty" changed to "Set Control Property" on the "Execute" page.
  • TYPO - "Get Control Proerty" changed to "Get Control Property" on the "Execute" page.
  • Better display of "Custom dialogs" in Preview mode.

   Version - 05-MAY-2007

  • Create "Custom Dialogs" on the "Dialogs" page.
  • Display "Debug Log" during test run of your setup on the "Project" page.
  • Check for update at setup end on the "Auto Update" page.
  • Add "Support Information URL" and "Product Updates URL" to Add/Remove Programs.
  • "Registering Components..." progress bar added to the "Copy Files" dialog.
  • "Enable Cancel Button" added to the Billboard.
  • Improvement of "Dynamic Dependency Check".
  • "AU_PerformDownloadInfo" new command added to "Advanced Auto Update".

  • Conditions added to the "Execute Engine":
  • "Last Executable Exit Code is".
  • "Flash Player Version is".
  • "Acrobat Reader Version is".
  • "User Privilege is in".
  • "Control Text is".
  • "Control Item Index is".
  • "Control is Checked".

  • Commands added to the "Execute Engine":
  • "Wait while Application is Running".
  • "Wait while Executable is Running".
  • "Wait while Shell App is Running".
  • "Install REG File".
  • "Create File Association".
  • "Remove File Association".
  • "Set File Association Description".
  • "Set File Association Icon".
  • "Set Control Proerty".
  • "Get Control Proerty".
  • "Show PopUp Message".
  • "Hide PopUp Message".

   Version - 24-APR-2007

  • BUG Fixed - When detecting .NET Framework Version.
  • BUG Fixed - Adjustment of the help area at first run of the program on a new PC.

   Version - 14-MAR-2007

  • Support for .NET Framework version 3.0.
  • New option on the "Switches" page: "Ignore Administrator tests on Vista"

   Version - 23-FEB-2007

  • BUG-Fixed - with creating of the AutoRunTest.exe resource file.
  • BUG-Fixed - with handling of PathAlias in Registry & MergeModules lists.
  • BUG-Fixed - with clearing of Registry list when opening new file.
  • Improvements to the closing algorithm of Setup & UnInstall Dialogs.
  • Store column width of various Composer lists in the Registry.
  • Change of page name: "Resources" to "Properties".
  • "Help Tools" menu added to the help window.
  • Call "QSetup Manual (pdf)" from the "Help Tools" menu.
  • New help file by the name: "Aliases".
  • Test for .NET Framework using "Framework Is In" on the "Switches" page.
  • "Find text" dialog on the "Files" page.
  • Set File Attribute as "System" on the "Files" Page.
  • Register as ".NET Assembly" on the "Files" Page.
  • "Create Auto Update Log" on the "Auto Update" Page.

  • Condition modified to the "Execute Engine":
  • ".NET Framework Version Is In" (previously ".NET Framework Version Is").

  • Commands added to the "Execute Engine":
  • "Enable Dialog Button".
  • "Set Edit Text".
  • "Create IIS Virtual Directiry".
  • "Remove IIS Virtual Directiry".
  • "Create IIS Application".
  • "Remove IIS Application".
  • "Register .NET Assembly".
  • "UnRegister .NET Assembly".

  • New Aliases:
  • <LastExecutableExitCode>
  • <EnteredStartProgramMenu>

   Version - 10-JAN-2007

  • BUG-Fixed - When detecting .NET Framework Version.
  • "Verify URL" option added to .NET Framework installation.
  • Display result code when testing "Merge Module" Install/UnInstall.
  • "UnInstall Remove Policy" added to "Add Folder" dialog on the "Files" page.

   Version - 15-DEC-2006

  • Support for Vista.
  • Handling of "Merge Modules" (PRO version only).
  • Install .NET Framework during setup.
  • Create a SelfExtract setup of upto 4GB (Windows limit).
  • No size limit on SpanCDs & "Split Setup" installations.
  • Improvments to UnInstallation.
  • Better "Add/Remove Programs" support.
  • Upto 8 <RunTimeDir>.
  • Improve the speed of CAB extraction.
  • "Create if not Exist" on the Registry page.
  • Add Application To Run/RunOnce.
  • Specify "Entire Track" when playing MUSIC during Setup.

  • Conditions added to the "Execute Engine":
  • "Selected Language is in".
  • "Visual J# Version is".
  • "Internet Explorer Version is".

  • Commands added to the "Execute Engine":
  • "Get Short PathName".
  • "Get Expanded PathName".
  • "Get Network PathName".
  • "Install .INF File".
  • "Append Registry Value (MultiString)".
  • "Input text string (many)".

  • New Aliases:
  • <UnInstallExePath>

   Version - 22-SEP-2006

  • BUG-Fixed - when registering font.
  • Section names added to Conditions & Executions in the "Execute Engine".

   Version - 01-SEP-2006

  • "UnInstall" page added to the Composer.
  • "Input text string" can now be used to input password.
  • BUG-Fixed - with "Force Remove Directory" on the "Files" page.
  • BUG-Fixed - with the "Shell Execute" command.
  • Improved operation of the "UnInstall Application" command.

   Version - 01-APR-2006

  • Transfer "OriginExe" on the command-line not in QSETUP_DYN_DATA.
  • BUG-Fixed - When using Split Setup in the LITE version.

   Version - 03-MAR-2006

  • Auto Inform (PRO version only).
  • "Sign Code" Dialog (PRO version only).
  • QSetup is now compatible with Visual Basic DLLs (VBExec & VBSerialCheck).
  • 3 Link Files Options on the "Files" page:
    • "Files by Mask".
    • "All Files in a Directory".
    • "Entire Directory Tree".
  • Enable EXECLUDE Attributes on a directory level.
  • Added "Language Support" for Shortcuts.
  • "Shortcuts are available for" option can now be selected at setup time.
  • "Enable/Disable Cancel Button" during "Silent Setup" on the "Dialogs" page.
  • Add "Before Dialogs" stage to the "Execute Engine".
  • Execute DLLs will now accept 3 arguments.
  • You can now set Variable values on the Command-Line when running the setup file.
  • You can now Set "Group Size" manually on the "Files" page.
  • "CompanyUrl" can now display company name while HyperLinking to the company URL.
  • BUG-Fixed - Better Handling of different TimeZones in AutoUpdate.
  • Use REG_EXPAND_SZ when appending to the PATH Environment.
  • When using CD-Setup with several CDs - QSetup will now eject a CD automatically.

  • Conditions added to the "Execute Engine":
  • "File Found (HTTP)".
  • "Disk Free Space is (MB)".
  • "DAO Installed".
  • "User is ADMINISTRATOR".

  • Commands added to the "Execute Engine":
  • "Open CAB File".
  • "Copy File Delayed".
  • "Delete Running Executable".
  • "Enable Setup Dialog".

  • New Aliases:
  • <ServiceDir>
  • <LoggedUserName>
  • <ComputerName>
  • <CurrentDomainName>

   Version - 26-AUG-2005

  • Add Activity-Bar to the extract dialog.
  • Add Activity-Bar to the compilation process.
  • BUG Fixed - when appending to the PATH environment variable.
  • BUG Fixed - SplitCD Setup will now run the stub from the TEMP dir.
  • BUG Fixed - Better Handling of different Time-Zones in AutoUpdate.
  • Add "Before Dialogs" to the "Execute Engine".
  • Split CompanyURL to Label+URL using '|'.
  • Set Group Size manually on the "Files" page.
  • Add <ServiceDir> token to the directories list.
  • BUG Fixed - HTTP Shortcuts will now display properely on FAR-East computers.

   Version - 25-JUN-2005

  • STUDIO Version.
  • Build Target tree inside the NonSFX Directory.

   Version - 08-JUN-2005

  • ToolTip on the Files TreeView.
  • BUG Fixed - In "Run Batch File" on the "Execute" Page.
  • Better handling of DoubleByte shortcut names for Far East languages.
  • Exclude Shortcut from "Complete Setup" and/or "Partial Setup".
  • Better handling of some folder tokens in European locales.
  • Automatic "Close Delay" added to "Display Message" on the "Execute" Page.
  • Added "Continues" Loop to the Billboard.

   Version - 01-MAY-2005

  • "Select Language" dialog at setup start.
  • "Additional Language Support" - you can now create a true multi-lingual setup with several license & readme files.
  • All text can now be fully localized.
  • If Previous Installation Found.
  • Set UnInstall Exe Dir.
  • Set Expiration date for your SETUP Delivery.
  • Span CDs - Split very large setups into several files for inclusion on CDs.
  • Translate Path Alias - Easily adjust your source files location when developing in a networked environment.
  • New Registry type - MultiString (REG_MULTI_SZ)
  • New Registry type - ExpandString (REG_EXPAND_SZ)
  • Perform At: "After Billboard" on the "Execute Engine".

  • Conditions added to the "Execute Engine":
  • "Internet Connection OK".
  • "ODBC Installed".
  • "JDK Version is".
  • "JRE Version is".
  • "Billboard is Running".

  • Commands added to the "Execute Engine":
  • "Download File (HTTP)".
  • "Run Batch File".
  • "Run MSI File".
  • "Shell Execute and Wait".
  • "Run Batch File and Wait".
  • "Run MSI File and Wait".
  • "ODBC Config Data Source".
  • "Pause Service".
  • "Continue Service".
  • "Install Screen Saver".
  • "Create Registry Value (MultiString)"
  • "Create Registry Value (ExpandString)"
  • "Append Registry Value (String)"
  • "Delete INI Section".
  • "Browse for Folder".
  • "Browse for File".
  • "Perform Variable Math".
  • "Replace Text in Variable".
  • "Break".

   Version - 08-FEB-2005

  • BUG Fixed - With handling of "Service Files".

   Version - 06-FEB-2005

  • BUG Fixed - Language files are always added to the AutoUpdate even when using BackGround update.
  • BUG Fixed - Improved handling of very large files on Win9X.
  • BUG Fixed - Avoid adding "Open With" to the "Shell".
  • Additional Tokens: <VendorCompanyName>, <ProjectName>, <ProgramDescriptiveName>, <ProgramVersion>.
  • Additional Drive Tokens: <InstallDisk>, <WinDisk>, <WinSysDisk>, <OriginDisk>.
  • More options when checking for "Previous Installation" on the "Dialogs" page.

   Version - 11-DEC-2004

  • BUG-Fixed - Set proper order of execution on the "Execute Engine" with 6 executions on one page.
  • Report on "No Internet Connection" when downloading AutoUpdate file.
  • Better Handling of PAGE-DOWN key on the license dialog.
  • "Auto Update is Running" on the "Execute" page.

   Version - 29-OCT-2004

  • BUG Fixed - Set proper Date/Time & File attribute when copying files directly from the CD.
  • "UnInstall Previous Installation" on the "Switches" page.
  • "File Size is" on the "Execute" page.
  • "File Date and Time is" on the "Execute" page.

   Version - 18-SEP-2004

  • BUG Fixed - with handling of "Test for Administrator Rights before Installation".
  • Show Progress Bar during "Copy Directory Tree" on the "Execute" page.
  • Show Progress Bar during "Copy Files" on the "Execute" page.
  • Show Progress Bar during "Move Files" on the "Execute" page.

   Version - 01-AUG-2004

  • The Composer will adopt XP Themes on XP Machines.
  • Enable printing of help files.
  • Find Text in help files.
  • The "Execution Engine" now support variables.
  • Up to 6 commands for an execution item.
  • Compile Auto-Update from the Command-Line.
  • Print from the readme screen #2.
  • Partial Check on the "Execute" page.
  • Copy/Paste/Rename of Execute Item on the "Execute" page.
  • FormatDateTime('yyyy-mm-dd hh:nn:ss',Now).
  • Handle many <ShellDirs>.
  • Add "From PC Only" to "User Name" & "Company Name".
  • Force restart the PC from the "Dialogs" page.
  • "Exclusivity Tag" for the Groups on the "Custom" screen.
  • "/silent" - Silent UnInstall - also on the "Switches" page.
  • "/hide" - hidden UnInstall - also on the "Switches" page.
  • "/silent" - Silent Setup - also on the "Dialogs" page.
  • "/hide" - hidden Setup - also on the "Dialogs" page.

  • Commands added to the "Execute Engine":
  • Test if "BDE Installed".
  • Test if "Media Player Version Is".
  • "Create Directory".
  • "Set Group".
  • "Create Shared Service".
  • "Create Interactive Shared Service".
  • "Set Case Sensitive" for Search & Compare.
  • "Set Whole Word" for Search.

  • Variables support added to the "Execute Engine":
  • "Set Variable Value".
  • "Compare 1 variable".
  • "Compare 2 variables".
  • "Select One of Many".
  • "Input text string".
  • "Read Registry Value" (into internal variable).
  • "Read INI Item" (into internal variable).
  • "Read Environment Variable" (into internal variable).

   Version - 01-FEB-2004

  • Set Compression Level.
  • Modern UnInstall Dialog.
  • Select from several Blue Background designs.
  • "Find & Replace" directories on the "Files" page.
  • "Link Files Item" on the "Files" page.
  • Register TLB files on the "Files" page.
  • Mandatory CheckBox for User, Company & SerialNumber.
  • Support for Windows 2003 operating system.
  • ACL Support - "Allow Full Access to All Users" on NTFS Drive.
  • CheckBox for "Add Remove Programs" option.
  • CheckBox for "Add Change Button" option.
  • Perform "Autorun Test" when producing a CD-Setup.
  • Add CheckBox "Remove Shortcut During UnInstall".
  • Add Hotkey to shortcuts.
  • Associate Shortcuts with Operating System.
  • Add Shortcut to "My Documents".
  • Add "Parameters" to the main shortcut.
  • Support for PASV Mode in FTP Client.
  • Smaller setup delivery size (appx. 200 KB).

  • Commands added to the "Execute Engine":
  • Test if "Application is Running".
  • Test if "Local Language is in".
  • "Detect MS-ACCESS version".
  • "Detect SQL(MSDE) Version".
  • "Detect DirectX Vetrsion".
  • "Shut Down Application".
  • "Shut Down Executable".
  • "Restart the PC".
  • "Create Kernel Service".
  • "Create File Service".
  • "Create Interactive Service".
  • "Local Language is in".
  • "Set Propose to Restart the PC".
  • "Set Propose to Launch the App".
  • "Set Dialog".
  • "Refresh RunTimeDir".

   Version - 28-AUG-2003

  • "Modify Drive To" on the "Files" page.
  • Create Shortcut to folders also.
  • BUG Fixed - with Inserting of new Environment item.
  • Option to hide ErrMsg & LogBtn at the end of UnInstall.
  • BUG Fixed - Better Handling of SharedFiles during UnInstall.
  • Write environment strings to the AUTOEXEC.BAT file on Win95/98/ME.
  • Add "Append" to the Environment.
  • Make sure Execution ops are carried out in the proper order during UnInstall.

   Version - 12-JUL-2003

  • Test for "Admin Rights" on UnInstall.
  • BUG Fixed - with "File Copy" of files with less then 10 bytes.
  • BUG Fixed - Better handling of duplicate files.
  • Move "Silent Setup" to the "Dialogs" page.
  • "Files Count" label on the "Files" page.

   Version - 24-JUN-2003

  • BUG Fixed - with "File Copy" dialog under Win9x.
  • BUG Fixed - with missing text in "Split Setup" confirmation.

   Version - 21-JUN-2003

  • Add <InstallDrive>.
  • Allow Upper Ascii characters in the "Program Descriptive Name".
  • Copy NonSFX files only when they have changed.
  • BUG Fixed - with naming of Compressed NonSFX files.
  • Add Progress Bar #2 to the "Files Copy" dialog.
  • Import Unicode formated *.REG files.
  • Stretch the background BMP to cover the "Entire Screen".

   Version - 15-JUN-2003

  • Modern/Classic dialog style.
  • Play Music during setup.
  • Create Serial Numbers based on User-Name and/or Company-Name.
  • Select Groups for installation based on the Serial Number.
  • Create "CD-Setup".
  • Dynamic check for dependencies.
  • Import *.Reg Files on the "Registry" page.
  • Add Arg-3 to Execute Op under "Execute" page.
  • Add [Test] button to the "Execute" page.
  • Perform Execute Op Before & After the following dialogs: Destination, Setup Type, Custom.
  • Perform Execute Operation in a While loop.
  • Better handling of Parameters for WinExec on the "Execute" page.
  • Add CheckBox for "Show Copyright Warning".
  • Test if old TargetExe is running before Setup & UnInstall.
  • Exclude From Setup on 95,98,ME,NT,2K,XP, SFX-File.
  • More flexibility in Shortcut creation.
  • Append to the Environment String (%PATH%).
  • Add "/Compile" and "/Exit" on the command line of the composer.
  • Allow display of Readme#2 in notepad also.
  • Allow to UnRemove a directory while removing it's content.
  • Handle overwrite files on the file level also.
  • Detect if .NET framework is installed on the "Switches" page.
  • Allow manual setting of "Space Req on Drive" on the "Dialogs" page.
  • Force installation of a group.
  • Add "Scope" to Environment variables (System & User)
  • Register File as FONT
  • Show UnInstall log at the end of UnIntallation.
  • 11 new Conditions on the "Execute" page.
  • 17 new Executions on the "Execute" page.

   Version - 15-FEB-2003

  • Add "Modify" button to the Add/Remove dialog under Win2000 & WinXP.
  • Read Directory from the Registry in the RunTimeDir.
  • Don't delete UnInstall.exe if UnInstall not completed properly.
  • Better handling of Parameters for WinExec in the "Execute" page.

   Version - 05-FEB-2003

  • BUG Fixed - Handle properly the RunTimeDir.
  • Add Version to the Top Label on the "Display" page.

   Version - 01-FEB-2003

  • Allow to specify an icon for a shortcut.
  • Add CheckBox "You Must Reboot the Computer".
  • Add SERVICE FILES to the execute page.
  • Add capability to locate certain directories on the target PC at Run-Time.
  • New condition "If Group Name is in" on the "Execute" page.
  • New execution "Rename Directory" on the "Execute" page.
  • New execution "Append Text to a File" on the "Execute" page.
  • Mark a file as Excluded from UnInstall.
  • Add "Checked/UnChecked" as default for groups.
  • BUG Fixed - in "CopyFile(s)" & "MoveFile(s)".
  • BUG Fixed - Allow filenames with comma (,).
  • BUG Fixed - Register OCX only after FilesCopy process is complete.
  • Add the ability to add a Shortcut to the "StartUp" folder.
  • ReadMe & License dialogs can now accept .RTF files.

   Version - 20-NOV-2002

  • Create Setup Delivery that will "Auto Update" itself from the Internet once a new version is available.
  • Create "Split Setup" that will install from the Internet or from a Central File Server.
  • Upload setup files using FTP protocol directly from QSetup Composer.
  • Modify Icon and Version Resources of the Media file.
  • Dependency walking - will tell you what DLLs you must provide with your setup (Great for VB programmers).
  • Handle INI files.
  • Handle environment variables.
  • "Open With" on "Association" page.
  • Register OCX/COM Servers on the "Files" page also.
  • Set "File Attribute" on the "Files" page.
  • Option to define individual image for every Setup page.
  • Allow files copy while the "Copy Files" dialog is hidden.
  • Add Adware disclaimer.
  • XP-Theme on the Setup Dialog.
  • Option for a second readme file at the end of installation.
  • Option to Request Confirmation before extract.
  • Check for free space on the TEMP drive before extracting.
  • If free space is limited on the TEMP drive, search automaticaly for another drive.
  • Add Top Label #2 to the Installation background.
  • Add <System16 Directory> to Folders option in "Files Page".
  • Smaller Stub.exe (~110K) - reduces delivery size.
  • Use ShellExec instead of WinExec to launch appliaction, image or other file type after installation.
  • Test For: CPU-Speed, RAM-Size, Screen-Resolution, Color-Depth on the "Execute" page.
  • Add AskYes/No & AskOK/Cancel conditions to the "Execute Page".
  • Add "Setup Type" condition to the "Execute Page".
  • "Delete File(s)", "Copy File(s)", "Move File(s)" "Rename File(s)" on the "Execute" page.
  • "Copy Directory Tree" on the "Execute" page.

   Version - 09-AUG-2002

  • BUG Fixed - Disable Preview button on empty Billboard.
  • Proper handling of <InstallDir> in ShellExec.
  • Make Workdir aware of <Application Folder>
  • Set Workdir when launching program right after installation.
  • Set file attribute to NULL when copying files.
  • FRENCH.LNG language file.

   Version - 10-JUL-2002

  • Language support.
  • More options in shortcuts (Command line, Workdir etc...).
  • BUG - Fix error with UnInstall.exe name.
  • Add ShellExec with WS_HIDE to the Execute dialog.
  • Add <SrcDir> to "Select File" dialog of the Execute dialog.
  • Add <OriginDir> to "Select File" dialog of the Execute dialog.
  • Register OCX/COM dll(s) as server in the Execute dialog.
  • On the "Serial" input control replace * with real characters.
  • Some typo fixes.
  • Display "free space" and "required space" on setup drive.
  • Add <Auxiliary Folder> to "Files" page.
  • Register file as shared under Windows.
  • Association selection dialog for the target user.
  • Show size of target media file after compilation.
  • Make sure user have administrator rights at setup start (NT Specific).
  • Fix documentation mistake with Serial-Dll header (HWND is missing).

   Version - 20-APR-2002

  • Change extension of data file from .INI to .QSP.
  • Associate .QSP files with "QSetup composer".

   Version - 10-APR-2002

  • First release of "QSetup Installation Suite".

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