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QSetup Testimonials

Read what our users are saying about QSetup...

QSetup Installation Suite has quickly become my favorite third party software I use, bar none. It's an amazingly simple yet powerful tool for creating sophisticated setups across the wide variety of platforms and languages I have to deal with. In a little less than 2 weeks I've converted over 30 setups for tools in everything from VB 6 to C++ to C# in VS 2008. After using far more expensive and complex setup products for most of my 15 years in this business I can say without hesitation that QSetup is by far the best development value out there and does a nicer job with more flexible and useful options than anything on the market anywhere near this price point. I only wish I had discovered it earlier. I'd recommend QSetup to anyone building Windows install packages without reservation.

Jeff LindborgTechnical Lead, Cisco Systems


Thank you so much for the quick response. I have always been impressed with your level of customer support!

Keep up the good work,

Todd Gillissie - Gilligames


I use QSetup for several years now - it fits my requirements to be able to build a setup process easily. I use it for about 15 smaller C++, VB and C# projects (technical helper tools, analyse software and also customer applications) - the qsetup project files are almost similar.
QSetup functionality has been growing the last years - when I have problems I mostly find the solution in the qsetup help. In my opinion a very good job of the qsetup team - I would be happy if every other software would be as good as the qsetup.


Stefan Koch - Development Durchhausen


Your QSetup installation suite is amazing. My only regret is that I didn't find it sooner. Unfortunately we had already purchased a more expensive program that didn't have anywhere near the features or was as easy to use as yours. Additionally, the customer support for the product is excellent. All of my questions were answered promptly and in detail.

Thanks again,

Jason Emery - Emergency Training Solutions, LLC


Thank you for a great product. We are completely knocked out at just how easy QSetup Pro is to use. It has lowered our setup development time by a factor of ten - Thanks again.
Why are we so happy - Because we have rewritten 32 different product setups in less then a week.

Great job!

Dr. David Case, Chairman & CEO Secure Technology Group Ltd


It's an understatement to say that your product has helped us. It's made our company look very professional and eliminated countless installation headaches we used to have.

Thank you for that.

Steve Collbran, Custom Software Experts, Inc.


We selected QSetup because of the amount of useful features it has, and how quickly we were able to become familiar with its interface and options. Compared to other installation programs (we've tried at least a dozen before this), it took us less then 10 minutes to get a fully functioning installer working in the way we needed it to.

Keep up the good work!

Brian Bruns, SOSDG Founder and Head Of Operations


Qsetup is our preffered installer for Windows because of it's excellent GUI, quick to understand with many powerful feature like serial check dll, Customized inferface settings, multilingual support etc... An ideal Installer for Windows Disrtibution!

Gautam C Jape, Managing Director(Technical), Techshop Enterprise


Having tried numerous installation packages, most were either too expensive (InstallShield) or just not up to the job. QSetup on the other hand is very easy to use, has a comprehensive feature list and no need to learn yet another scripting language or version of Basic. QSetup beats the competition hands down.

Karri Mooney, Technical Support


I have used other setup programs in the past, but none of them match the flexibility and stability of QSetup. I also love the way in which you can create Split Downloads and Auto Update which is something I have always wanted to do. Thanks to QSetup, I was able to. O'Sulligaming recommend this product to all!

Sean O'Sullivan - CEO, O'Sulligaming


Indeed QSetup should be the ultimate choice of every developer as it contains everything a developer needs. It doesn't have any substitute.

Rahul Gupta


I personally tested over 20 different installers. Each one had some kind of flaw with it or would not perform a particular task. QSetup was not only intuitive, but simple and easy to follow. The help feature was one of my favorite parts, explaining everything as you go. The help implementation is much better than opening up a new window, it is right there as you work. Other programmers would do well to adopt this help feature design. The software is professional and extremely flexible. It even has an auto update feature for use on a web site. Can boil this installer down to one word: OUTSTANDING!

Andy Berry


We needed an installer which would self extract and launch a setup program, making it easy for the user. We also required a means for checking for minimum system requirements, then to display a readme file (HTML) if the minimum spec wasn't reached. As a bonus, a small download size, our programs are written in DotNet, which if you use the standard Installer project add 2 "Windows Installer" setup files. Qsetup doesn't required "Windows Installer" and is therefore smaller in size.
We had some difficulty finding an installer which would allow us to produce an International Distribution file. However, as Qsetup has a great deal of flexibility we were able to develop a workable solution. Qsetup is provided in many languages. We were able to add mixed language RTF agreement and two sets of shortcuts icons, e.g. Product (English), Product (German), our main program would then delete the shortcuts not required. Another nice feature is the FTP uploading of your distribution file.

Julian Moorhouse, Director


EasiSlides was developed using Visual Basic v6. The Package and Deployment software which came with Visual Basic 6 is limited in feature and hard to set up. After searching the net for a better installer, I was recommended QSetup in one of the discussion forums I participated in. I was amazed at the functionality and ease of use of QSetup.

Wai Kuen Mo


I tried a number of Installers. Qsetup proved relatively easy to use for the programmer. Furthermore, QSetup gives a neat and professional presentation and is easy to use for the user at the moment of installing your program.

Daan Uitenbroek PhD, Senior Research and Statistical Consultant


I struggled mightily with one other installation program and then found QSetup. I will not be looking for another installation program any time soon. QSetup is easy to use, offers clear split-screen/on-screen help, and provides plenty of options. It is an excellent program, and I recommend it highly.

James W Grice


The flexibility and ease of use were main factors for choosing Qsetup, but also the interface is extremely intuitive and easy to use, much more professional than many others.

Paul Huckstepp, Developer


QSETUP has given P2PBazaar a professional look and feel for installation of our software option for Windows. The features provided by QSetup are awesome and very easy to use. This is what P2PBazaar's software needs to complete the ease of use.

Dathan Vance Pattishall, Co-Founder of


Qsetup is a superb user friendly fully functional installation package. Highly Recommended.

Steve Martin, Technical Manager


I downloaded 10 install makers. Qsetup was the best one for us because the installer worked, was very customizable and can have a serial number. It is also a pretty thing and the compression was so good that when we zipped the .exe it made the zip and the exe were almost exactly the same size!

Mcshlong, Mod Programmer


I chose QSetup for its slick interface. This is my first program and the packaging wizard I have does not provide what I need. I've spent much time developing this program and it needs a good presentation. I've found that in QSetups user friendly interface.

Rock Roy


QSetup is the installer for my just released "BlueAmp v2.0" ... it's the best installer I've ever used! Thank you for an awesome product.

Steve Flesch


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